Principal Investigator

Dr. Feng Jiang

Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Sustainable Functional Biomaterials

Ph.D. Virginia Tech, 2011

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr. Penghui Zhu

Ph.D. South China University of Technology, 2021

Research Interest: Cellulose-based high-strength materials, cellulose-based sensors, 3D printing, water treatment


Dr. Yeling Zhu

Ph.D. University of Alberta, 2019

Research Interest: biomass valorization, interfacial science/engineering, process development


Visiting Scholars

Dr. Yaoping Hu

Associate Professor, Ningbo University

Ph.D. Nanjing University, 2015

Research Interest: carbon materials, optical materials, bio-based materials


We welcome visiting scholar to join us. Please send your CV if you are interested in our lab.

Graduate Students

Xia Sun

PhD student

M.Eng. Tianjin University, 2021

B.S. Nankai University, 2018

B.Eng. Tianjin University, 2018

Research Interest: Cellulose based hydrogels for sensors and energy storage


Pu Yang

PhD student

M.A.Sc. University of British Columbia, 2020

B.Eng. Tianjin University, 2017

Research Interest: biomass-based carbon materials for supercapacitors


Xinle Ren

Master Student

B.Eng South China Agriculture University

Research Interest: preparation of hydrogel based on cellulose or lignin


Jiaying Zhu

PhD student

M.S. Jiangnan University, 2020

B.S. Suzhou University of Science and Technology, 2017

Research Interest: cellulose-based flexible electronics


Mahyar Panahi-Sarmad

PhD student

Research Interest: Smart Materials, Aerogels, Nanomaterials, Additive Manufacturing


Zhengyang Yu

PhD Student

B.S. University of British Columbia,  2020

Research Interest: Cellulose material 3D printing and film making


Changfeng Cheng

Master Student

B.S. University of British Columbia,  2023

Research Interest: hydrogel based on cellulose


Huayu Liu

PhD student

M.Eng. Tianjin University of Science & Technology

B.Eng. Tianjin University of Science & Technology

Research Interest: Cellulose-based materials for energy storage


Visiting Graduate Students

Siheng Wang

Visiting PhD student (Supervisor: Dr. Zhanqian Song from Chinese Academy of Forestry)

B.Eng. Jiangxi Agricultural University, 2018

Research Interest: Biomass functional materials


Hao Sun

Visiting PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Min Xu at Northeast Forestry University)

B.S. Northeast Forestry University, 2018

Research Interest: bio-based functional materials


Dingyuan Zheng

Visiting PhD student (Supervisor: Dr. Yanhua Zhang at Northeast Forestry University)

M.S. Northeast Forestry University, 2019

Research Interest: bio-based functional materials


Haodong Sun

Visiting PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Lihui Chen at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University)

M.S. Qilu University of Technology, 2020

Research Interest: Lignocellulose Photo-thermal Materials


Jingmeng Sun

Visiting PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Hongwu Guo at Beijing Forestry University)

B.Eng. Beijing Forestry University, 2019

Research Interest: Biomass functional materials


Yonggang Wu

Visiting PhD student (Supervisor: Prof. Chaohua Xue at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology)

B.Eng. Shangluo University, 2020

Research Interest: Biomass functional materials


Undergraduate Students


    • Hannah Kho, 2023
    • Dr. Kayrel Edwards, 2023
    • Dr. Xuan Liu, 2023
    • Fanghan Luo, 2023
    • Jing Ma, 2023
    •  Isla Fernanda Tellez Garcia, 2023
    • Takumi Kawashima, 2023
    • Yuhang Ye, 2023
    • Yifan Zhang, 2023
    • Andrea Vo, 2023
    • Isabella Therrien, 2023
    • Yutong Li, 2022
    • Sibo Tian, 2022
    • Zhe Qiu, 2022
    • Yi Zheng, 2022
    • Wanyue Tan, 2022
    • Elaine Zhou, 2022
    • Hale Oguzlu-Baldelli, 2021
    • Nancy Carolina Carrillo Enríquez,  Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, 2019
    • Xiaoshuai Han, Beijing Forestry University, 2019
    • Dr. Chen Xu, Nanjing Tech University, 2019
    • Weiye Song, University of British Columbia, 2019
    • Jakub Grzybek, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, 2020
    • Dr. Yuan Chen, Chinese Academy of Forestry, 2020
    • Mingyao Song, 2020
    • Dr. Hengfei Qin, Jiangsu University of Technology, 2020
    • Dr. Xueyong Ren, Beijing Forestry University, 2020
    • Qinqin Zhang, Beijing Forestry University, 2020
    • Penghui Zhu, South China University of Technology, 2020
    • Jungang Jiang, Beijing Forestry University, 2021